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Day 6 (Matt)

After finishing day 5, Mark and I got to our guesthouse and waiting excitedly for Kirsty and Erin. Not only were we looking forward to seeing them but they were also bringing takeaway pizza from Siem Reap and after 9 consecutive meals of vegetable fried rice, we couldn’t wait!

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Day 5 (Ferg)

We were mainly on the trail today which was really nice apart from 6km on a main road, and as always the excitement and cheering from the kids in the villages make it all worth it. It is all the motivation you need when you start to get sore and tired.

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Day 5 (Matt)

It was tough to drag myself out of bed this morning when another ridiculously early alarm went off. Although, as we started the run from the guesthouse, a nice cool breeze greeted us, and my massage had worked wonders because my legs felt fresh…..ish!

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We started by running through more villages and farms, and before long were in the middle of nowhere. The first 20 or so kilometres were very pleasant, but all that did was lull us into a false sense of security as to what was about to come.

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The day started well with lovely trails through villages with the temperature cool and a nice breeze. That all changed at 10 am as the heat dialled up and it was like running in an oven for the rest of the day. We continued to push along through, and although my feet were sore I was moving at a steady pace.

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I was looking forward to today as we had a day of trails through the Cambodian countryside, and we were not disappointed. The weather was cooler as we made our way out of Kampong Thom, which is Cambodia’s 3rd largest city. I love the vibrancy of Cambodia, and it was an amazing sight to run past the fish market which was buzzing at 6 am.

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