Mark – Day 1 of Cambodia Run 2019

December 3, 2019

This morning, we got up early to meet the Manulife team as well as some journalists to answer some questions about the Cambodia Run. It was great to start this year’s adventure and get running after a lot of hard work in organising the run and its logistics.

We left a bustling Phnom Penh, and very quickly, the heat was dialling up. This was one of the biggest challenges that we had to face throughout the day. We were running mainly on roads which made it feel even hotter because heat bounces off the road…

I will miss Matt in this year’s run, but it’s really nice to be out here with Jonathan and Alex. It was also nice to be back and running in Cambodia. It was fun to see the familiar sights of young kids making their way home from school while trying to race us on their bikes.

We finished the 49km Day 1 route in good time. Other than a few small niggles and blisters, we are in good shape.

Tomorrow is our longest day as we are running 62km. It’s also going to be a tough and hot day, so fingers crossed! I hope we get through ok, and I will report back when we finish the run tomorrow.


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