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Thoughts from the Inaugural run

Ferg – The Final Day

Despite the pain, the last 500 metres allowed me time to reflect on what has been a memorable and inspiring week where two good friends have pushed our boundaries so that we could raise funds for Temple Garden Foundation. A charity that we are both very passionate about given the incredible work that they do.

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Matt – The Challenge

To everyone who generously sponsored us, donated their amazing properties to our auction, and gave fantastic prizes to the fundraising event raffle, a huge thank you. Without your support and generosity, we wouldn’t have even gotten close to raising the amount we now have.

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As the gun went off, the usual jostling for position started and I want to get clear of the crowds so went out pretty quickly. Before too long I saw the 1km sign and the field has spread nicely. The route was shaded and there were kids lining the sides asking for ‘high fives’ as we went past.

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Day 6 (Ferg)

Today was a special day as we ran through a number of the villages that TGF work in, so it was a nice feeling to have a connection with the villages as we ran past and it was extra special when the villagers were cheering and supporting.

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Day 6 (Matt)

After finishing day 5, Mark and I got to our guesthouse and waiting excitedly for Kirsty and Erin. Not only were we looking forward to seeing them but they were also bringing takeaway pizza from Siem Reap and after 9 consecutive meals of vegetable fried rice, we couldn’t wait!

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Day 5 (Ferg)

We were mainly on the trail today which was really nice apart from 6km on a main road, and as always the excitement and cheering from the kids in the villages make it all worth it. It is all the motivation you need when you start to get sore and tired.

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