November 30, 2017

My body felt good this morning, and Matt and I were off again at 6 am for Day 4 of the challenge. The day started well with lovely trails through villages with the temperature cool and a nice breeze. That all changed at 10 am as the heat dialled up and it was like running in an oven for the rest of the day. We continued to push along through, and although my feet were sore I was moving at a steady pace.

Things became tougher as we had to change our route and we ended up doing 10kms along Highway 6. The driving is full-on, and the overtaking is suicidal, but somehow there were no accidents. The major issue for me with being on Highway 6 was the heat. It felt like the sun was bouncing off the tarmac and sending our body temperatures higher than they would have been otherwise.

I was delighted when we made our way off the highway and back onto the trail. There were lots of children cheering me along and running with me which helped on the last stage of today’s run. On a slightly sad note, I noticed a number of young children whose teeth were rotten by the introduction of sugary drinks and a lack of dental care.


Matt and I are having dinner as I write this blog, and we will then both be off to bed for an early start tomorrow. I really hope that my feet get through tomorrow okay as they continue to cause me issues, but I’m sure the thought of seeing Erin at the end of the day will keep me going 



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