December 7, 2019

It was a nice start today as the Salween team arrived early to take some video footage, and support us through the 50KMS day that was in front of us.

The weather in the early morning was nice and cool again and this made a huge difference for the first few hours of our running so we were happy with that.

We started by running along the river and out through the town’s market which, despite the early hour was bustling with buyers and sellers of veggies, meat and fish. It was an amazing way to start our day’s run, and it’s these experiences that I really enjoy as we run through the towns and villages in Cambodia!

I was really happy with my running today as it was the strongest that I have felt despite the fact that we are now on day 5. This was also my quickest pace.

I’m super excited about tomorrow as my wife (Erin) and my two boys will be meeting us 20 KMS into our day’s run so I cant wait to see them.

Reaching the finishing line on Day 5
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